Web apps are the way forward – these apps provide us with an unparalleled level of functionality and allow us to do some truly wonderful things. For developers, one of the main problems with the web app creation process is the actual hosting. An app will need some form of backend or frontend hosting so that it can be trialed and tested. Backend hosting is required to host such things as a programming language and other things that need to make the app work. Alternatively, frontend hosting is required to host such things as a website or browser-based information.

If your web app is just in the development or testing phase, you may not have a huge amount of funds available to spend on hosting and other necessities. Help is at hand however and there is a variety of free web hosting solutions you can use for web apps. Whilst there are no permanent free hosting solutions for your web apps, the five platforms below offer hosting for free with limited features and/or time periods:

1. GitHub Pages hosting

GitHub is a repository for development, coding, and other technical applications. Many people do not know that GitHub actually has its own hosting service too – GitHub pages. This hosting service is 100% free which is simply awesome, and you can even use a GitHub pages subdomain. The only downside to this hosting solution is that it generally favors basic programming and simple apps – for more complex hosting needs you may be best suited choosing one of the below options.

2. Heroku

Heroku has grown exponentially and is now widely popular among the development community. This solution is preferable for hosting display pages and small web apps. The platform actually uses a pay as you grow format in which you pay for traffic and storage but there is a free solution. You can also benefit from the variety of add-ons that have been created to extend the functionality of your apps.

3. Google’s Firebase

Firebase is actually one of the most dominant app hosting services available at this moment in time. This platform from Google is a backend-as-a-service platform and has a myriad of different services you can use to host your web apps. The free plan features unlimited usage, but some of the actual features are limited. That makes Firebase even more preferably, is the fact that you can host your frontend website on the platform too.

4. OpenShift

OpenShift is a fantastic platform that can actually get you a custom-built server and hosting for your web app. . The platform itself is easy to use and allows developers to work efficiently.

5. AppFrog

AppFrog is widely known by developers and is a platform that helps release web apps to the public. By using this service you can quickly deploy your web app and complete all the necessary installation processes with ease. The main language supported by AppFrog is PHP, but many other languages are supported too. You can use AppFrog free for 30 days and then you have to purchase a monthly subscription (which still isn’t too expensive!).

As you can see, it is possible to host your web apps for free to some capacity. We hope you have found this article useful – why not check out these different web app hosting solutions today and reseller web hosting and see which one you think may be useful? Good luck with your development!